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Activity of Radiation Education Forum

Radiation Education Forum (REF) was organized in 1994, by the group of volunteer researchers and teachers in the fields of nuclear energy, radioactivity, and school education. This organization is working actively for the purpose of making the right knowledge about energy and environment, and about radiation and nuclear problems popular in the public, especially in school education, considering the following facts that the young generation nowadays shows the tendency of avoiding the study of science, that many people, including intellectuals, have an excessive fear and concern for ionizing radiation and radioactivity, and that this tendency now becomes the obstacle against the sound uses of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation. The followings are various kind of activities we have done up to present or are now making efforts:

  1. Since we have found several problems to be amended in the educational system about radiation, radioactivity, the nuclear energy in school in Japan, we have submitted a document of appealing the improvement of the official guidelines to the Japanese Government (Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, in 1996). This appeal served to the improvement of the official guideline in its new version published in 1998.
  2. We have organized workshops for studying several specific topics and preparing the summarized reports, which are useful for radiation education. The topics which are now being studied are
    1. Experimental methodology for radiation education
    2. Study on curriculum of radiation education in schools
    3. Education of risk problems
    4. How to understand and teach the effects of radiation at low dose
    5. Survey of description in textbooks used in high schools in Japan
    6. Survey of reports on nuclear problems in mass media

    It is aimed to prepare the summary reports, some of which shall be the standard text to be used in schools.

  3. We are holding several symposia and seminars, especially for school teachers, where new information on radiation effects and on various educational topics are presented and discussed. We have begun "Energy-Environment-Radiation Seminars" for school teachers in various districts in Japan under the auspices of Japanese Government since Fiscal 2001. These meetings were occasionally accompanied with the inspection of new facilities, where radiation is used in research in hospitals or nuclear power stations.
  4. We are publishing gNewsletterh three times per year (totally 32 numbers as of July 2005) and a journal, gRadiation Educationh (in Japanese) once a year (totally 15 volumes as of July 2005, including special issues).
  5. To extend our activity to an international scale, we hold two international symposia on radiation education, the first symposium on 11-14 December 1998 in Kanagawa Prefecture (ISRE98), and the second on 22-26 August 2004 in Nagasaki (ISRE04).


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